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The Mystery Box is an object available which gives the player a random item. The Mystery Box currently costs 6 donuts and you can win up to 30. It was released with the games initial launch and can be obtained in a number of ways:

If you play the game for 5 days in a row when there is no theme in the game, you win a Mystery Box. Most players claim that they have won either Dumpsters, Flower Planters or Newspaper Dispensers. A list of items to be won in the mystery box can be found below.

Items from a Mystery Box

Item Chance of winning Item's Actual Price
Mystery Box 10.983% Donuts6
Lemon Tree (Money250 if already acquired) 10% Mystery Box Only
Parking Lot 10% Money175
Brown Fence 10% Money270
Tree 10% MoneyPrice varies
Large Hedge (3) 10% Money975
Newspaper Dispenser 10% Money325
Picket Fence (x3) 4% Donuts3
Gazebo 4% Money5600
Angel Topiary 4% Money2000
Money1000 4%
Premium Bench (with towel) 4% Donuts6
Money500 4%
Donuts10 2%
Squeaky Voice Teen 2% Donuts30
Homer Buddha 1% Donuts15
Money2500 0.01%
Donuts30 0.004%
Tire Fire 0.002% Donuts40
Lard Lad Donuts 0.001% Donuts110

Permanent Homer Buddha · Mystery Box · Laffy Meal
Limited Time Mystery Love Box · Santa's Sack · Wicked Treat Box

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  • Isn't this wierd?

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    • I played the game ten times in a row (5 days twice) and got two mystery boxes. And in both of them, i found 30 donuts. It's 0,004% chance
    • No. Must be luck
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    • I paid for the homer Buddha, which gave me a mystery box, which had a tree. So even with the homer Buddha you aren't safe. Waste of 15 donuts.
    • Homer Buddha is good choice.
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