Nerds (Nerd) were from the Clash of Clones 2014 Event and are similar to the Gremlins from the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. Players start with a 40 nerd limit but this can go up by upgrading Castles.

Each of the three castles, Barbarian Castle, Boxingham Palace and Castle Recycle, generates nerds like a currency. The more nerds the player attacks with, the faster the player earns the reward. The fastest a player can destroy a castle is 4h while a house can be destroyed in 60m if the player uses the maximum amount of 9 nerds to attack. To defend the player's buildings against attacks, the player must tap the shield icon in their town. If a player's building is destroyed, they can tap it to instantly rebuild, with an elixir and Gold reward. The player's nerds were colored blue, while enemy nerds were colored red.


Image Name Cost
Nerd Gang Gang of 5 Nerds Donuts2
Nerd Mob Mob of 10 Nerds Donuts3
Nerd Army Army of 20 Nerds Donuts4

Attacking Other TownsEdit

During this update, players can attack other towns to earn Elixir and Gold. This is done by sending Nerds to attack houses or castles.

Attack a... Result Reward
Random Town
Castle Win Elixir140, Gold Indicator50
Lose Elixir10, Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir70, Gold Indicator25
Lose Elixir5, Gold Indicator2
Friend's Town
Castle Win Elixir25, Gold Indicator10
Lose Elixir10, Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir18, Gold Indicator8
Lose Elixir5, Gold Indicator2

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