Ninja Homer Practice Snake

Content Update

Whacking Day 2013 Event
Yard Sale 2014
Whacking Day 2016 Event


Donuts120 (2013)
Donuts100 (2014)
Donuts60 (2016)

Level Required


Costumes Unlocked

Ninja Homer

Premium Item?


Limited Time?




Payout Increase


Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +100

The Ninja Homer Practice Snake is a limited-time premium decoration released during the Whacking Day 2013 Event for a cost of 120 donuts. Upon purchasing it, the player would unlock Ninja Homer a costume for Homer.

It was re-released for the Yard Sale 2014, for a smaller cost of 100 donuts and later for the Whacking Day 2016 Event reducing again its price to 60 donuts.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Ninja Homer

  • Fake-Whack Pretend Snakes - 60m

Trivia Edit

  • The Ninja Homer Practice Snake looks identical to the Red Practice Snake, although its cost is higher.

Gallery Edit

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