Office of Unemployment
Office of Unemployment Tapped Out



Characters Unlocked


Collection Time



Cash300 XP30



Building Time

1d 12h


Weekend Dad Pt. 15
Between Jobs


Paying TV Writers on Hiatus

The Office of Unemployment is a building which was released with the Level 37 update in November 2013. It is unlocked during the Weekend Dad questline.

About Edit

The Springfield Office of Unemployment manages benefits for Springfield's unemployed. Marge had to go here because of after her unsuccessful job working at a real estate agency. Larry Burns and Jimbo Jones were also seen here.

Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki

Job Manager Edit

The Job Manager is a permanent feature that was released on September 24, 2015, shortly after the release of the Every Man's Dream Promotional. It is unlocked upon starting the Between Jobs questline and allows the player to simultaneously send all idle characters on the common task lengths 60m, 4h, 8h, 12h and 24h.

In order to do so, players have to pay 25% of the job's Cash reward for non-premium characters and 15% for premium characters.

Gallery Edit

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Kirk Van Houten

  • Collect Unemployment Check - 24h

Quest Based Jobs

Gravedigger Billy

  • Search the Classifieds - 4h



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