One Night Stan's
One Night Stan's Menu

Content Update

Pride 2017 Event

How to Unlock

Pride and Prejudices Pt. 5

Level Required


Need to Collect

Pride Badge1050



Building Time

6 seconds

Premium Building?


Limited Time?


Conform-O-Meter Impact

Consumerism: +10

One Night Stan's is a limited-time building that was released on July 5, 2017, as part of the Pride 2017 Event. It was the fifth and final prize to be won in the event. It can create extra Crosswalks with its building job.

About Edit

One Night Stan's is a nightclub in Springfield. Homer visited the club with Julio and Grady and the three started dancing together. Hans Moleman was there with Gay Colonel, as he thought it is his army reunion.

Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Go Out Dancing - 12h

Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Grady Surprised Icon Hey, I thought this was a gay bar?
Roscoe Icon They do a Straight Night on Tuesdays. Stan's trying to bring in more money so that he can buy a new widescreen TV.
Grady Sad Icon *sigh* I guess we could do something else?
Roscoe Happy Icon Like what?

Pride Crosswalk Creation Edit

This building has the capacity to produce the decoration Pride Crosswalk with its own task; the player can start it for the amount of 20000 Cash.

Task Cost Rewards Time
Create Crosswalk Cash20000 Pride Crosswalk White Menu1

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier.

Gallery Edit

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