Other Springfield is an automatic friend given to the player, regardless of whether they have connected with Origin.

It has every object available in the game for the level that the player is currently on, except limited time content from events and promotionals. So far, seven versions of the Other Springfield have been available.

The Other Springfield includes Buildings paying income tax and promotional items (such as the bears during the Winter 2015 Event) the player can tap in order to gain friends points. However, during the Winter 2015 Event, after an update on Jan 14th, 2016, neither promotional items nor building pay-outs were available for the player in the Other Springfield for unknown reasons. This was corrected with the update that ended the Winter 2015 event.

At level 3-7, Other Springfield is at level 8. At level 8-11, Other Springfield is at level 12. At level 12-15, Other Springfield is at level 16. At level 16-19, Other Springfield is at level 20. At level 20-24, Other Springfield is at level 25.

At level 25-30, a level 30 Other Springfield is present, but it was the most recent one to be released after the original Level 20, which at that time was the highest possible level.

It finally received a new update after the Terwilligers 2015 Event, now featuring content from level 30 to 50, with decorations of Level 51. It also features for the first time premium characters that don't come with a building.

There is a quest which requires the player to visit the Other Springfield and collect money three times (the maximum amount for any visit): the quest is called The Others.

Gallery Edit

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