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The Otto quests are a series of quests featuring Otto. This quests requires that Bart's Tree House and King Toot's be built.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
A Hard Knock Morning Make Otto Sleep It Off 12h Cash600
XP 150
Hail To The Bus Driver Make Otto Work on the Bus 60m Cash100
Crash Make Otto Squat in the Brown House 24h Cash100
The Axe Make Otto Jam on the Guitar 4h Cash100
The Broken Axe Make Otto Get Guitar Restrung 8h Cash100
The Rockstar Make Otto Jam on the Guitar 4h Cash100


A Hard Knock MorningEdit

Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Whoah, how'd I end up here? My head is pounding, I feel sick to my stomach, and I don't remember a thing! That all seems normal."

Hail To The Bus DriverEdit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Hey, Otto! Welcome back to Springfield."
Otto Icon "Thanks, Lisa. I was talking to Skinner, and I can't get my old job back because the school bus is wrecked."
Lisa Icon "So you think you can fix it?"
Otto Icon "I don't know, but I can definitely try over and over again!"


Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Whoa, did money just pop out? Eh, I'm probably just seeing things."


Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Hey, little dude, think I could crash in your garage again? I can't seem to find my house."
Bart Icon "I don't know. Last time, my dad got angry about the place smelling like a rock concert. Why don't you sleep in your bus?"
Otto Icon "What do I look like? Some kind of bus sleeping... guy? I need a crib."
Bart Icon "Don't sweat it, Otto Mann, I got an idea."

The AxeEdit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Hey Otto Mann, what's going on?"
Otto Icon "Not a whole lot, little dude. I'm bored out of my skull! There's nothing to do in this town!"
Bart Icon "What about your guitar?"
Otto Icon "Oh yeah, I left it in the bus. Thanks, little dude."

The Broken AxeEdit

Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Oh no, I broke my strings. Maybe I can hallucinate money popping out again and buy some new ones."

The RockstarEdit


Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Hey Bart dude!"
Bart Icon "Hey Otto, what have you been up to?"
Otto Icon "Check out these sweet new strings."


Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "I can lay around all day, play guitar, and still get money. I love this new Springfield!"