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Winter 2016 Event

Pagans were NPC's available during the Winter 2016 Event.

They start appearing once A Pagan Paradise Pt. 1 is started. They spawned every 10 minutes until a maximum of 15 was reached; additional spawns were added to a bank with a capacity for another 15. This effectively made a town go full after 5 hours had passed.

Tapping on them yielded prize track currencies and crafting currency varying in amount depending on the act. The following chart shows the rewards from tapping Pagans on the player town,

Act 1 Act 2
Rewards Antlers Icon15
Runestones Icon2
Guilt Dust Icon1
Brooches Icon15
Runestones Icon4
Guilt Dust Icon1

On neighbors' towns they yielded event currencies for the first 50 actions as detailed in the chart below; purchasing Pagans of the Multiverse would have doubled the amounts.

Act 1 Act 2
Actions 1 - 30 Antlers Icon5
Runestones Icon2
Brooches Icon5
Runestones Icon4
Actions 31 - 50 Antlers Icon1 Brooches Icon1
Actions 51+ - -

Trivia Edit

  • A patch on December 14 increased the prize track rewards from 10 to 15 and added 1 Guilt Dust as well for tapping Pagans.

Gallery Edit

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