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May 10, 2017

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Pinsetter is a limited-time questline that was released on May 10, 2017, with the Pin Pals 2017 Event. Players need at least Level 15 for it to trigger.

Quest Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Pinsetter Pt. 1 Make Burns Scheme a New Tax Evasion Strategy 6s Cash100
Pinsetter Pt. 2 Make Burns Recruit the Old Pin Pals
Make Homer Happily Join Up
Make Moe Skeptically Agree to Join
Make Apu Dig Out His Old Pin Pals Shirt

Dialogue Edit

Pinsetter Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Smithers! What is this check made out to the Federal government?
Smithers Icon That's your tax payment, sir.
Mr. Burns Annoyed Icon You know my policy on giving money to family members, and that includes Uncle Sam.
Smithers Icon I'm sure it's a mistake. I'll look into whether killing the accountant who prepared them gives you another deduction.

Pinsetter Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Annoyed Icon Tax havens in New Havens. Shell companies that sell sea shells. I've done them all already!
Smithers Icon What about starting a charity?
Mr. Burns Shouting Icon A charity?! If I wanted my money to help the poor I'd just pay my taxes!
Smithers Icon But sir, if you own the charity, you'll be giving the money tax-free back to yourself. You just need a group or team to do the fundraising.
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon A team, eh? How about we get the Pin Pals back together. They can bowl for my benefit!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Woohoo Icon Woohoo! I get to bowl and my boss is footing the bill! It's like everyday from 3 pm on!
Moe Icon I don't mind him paying, so long as he ain't playing...
Moe Sneaky Icon It's wordplay like that that keeps me submitting to The New Yorker.