Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us


Stonecutters 2014 Event

Released Date

June 3, 2014

Number of Quests


Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us is a task that explains to the player who the robbed figures are. These figures are part of the order and tapping on them earns the player Emblems.


Quest Requirements
Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us Tap the Robed Figures


Quash Those who Trespass Against Us Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Who are those dudes in the creepy hoods?"
Number 1 Icon "Good lord! It's The Order! The sworn enemy of The Stonecutters!"
"In times past, The Stonecutters and The Order were allies. But they were torn apart by a disagreement over chopstick etiquette."
"We must tap them before they tap us."
Tap the Robed Figures walking around town to remove them from your town and earn bonus Emblems!
— In Game Message

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