Schoolhouse Crock
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A 7 part task that will unlock Willie's Shack.


Quest Requirements Reward Time
Schoolhouse Crock Pt 1 Make Skinner be a Crossing Guard Cash100
Schoolhouse Crock Pt 2 Make Lisa Go to School
Make Milhouse Go to School
Schoolhouse Crock Pt 3 Make Skinner Monitor Halls Cash100
Schoolhouse Crock Pt 4 Build Willie's Shack Cash100
Unlock: Willie
Schoolhouse Crock Pt 5 Make Willie wax the floors Cash100
Looking for Doves in All the Wrong Places Have Trees x3
Make Skinner go Bird Watching
Is It even Autumn? Make Willie Rake Leaves Cash100


Schoolhouse Crock Pt 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "According to the latest state test, the students at this school are too stupid to even cross the street."
Lisa Icon "That's terrible!"
"We need to increase school spending, retrain teachers and beef up the curriculum."
Skinner Icon "Or, we can just help the dullards to cross the street"

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Come on, kids! You don't want to be tardy or truant... which is school talk for late or not here."

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Now that's everyone's here, all I need to do is make sure nobody leaves."
Lisa Icon "And educate us, right?"
Skinner Icon "Please, Lisa. This place is just a glorified day care."

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "The Grade D beef in our Sloppy Joes got all the children sick.‎"
Lisa Icon "All the non-vegetarian children.‎"
Skinner Icon "Regardless, someone's got to clean up vomit, and it's not going to be us.‎"
Lisa Icon "No, it's not.‎"

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Willie, the school's hall are filled with puke. Clean it immediately."
Willie Icon "Ahh, puke! It's good to be back."
Skinner Icon "It's times like this when I understand why he gets paid more than me."

Looking for Doves in All the Wrong PlacesEdit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Time to unwind with my favorite high-octane hobby: bird watching."
Lisa Icon "You might have better luck finding birds if you plant some trees."
Skinner Icon "Why?"
Lisa Icon "Well... uh, birds like trees."
Skinner Icon "Really?"
"I've always looked for them in ditches, ravines and culverts."
"With stunning lack of success."

Is It even Autumn?Edit

Character Dialogue
Willie Icon "Ah, fall."
"My favorite time of year."
"When I get to indulge in the one chore I detest slightly less than all the others."