Sea Students
Captain Bob Icon


Terwilligers 2015 Event

Level Required


Release Date

May 5, 2015

Number of Quests


Sea Students was a premium, limited time quest chain involving the character Sideshow Bob and his Captain Bob's new costume that was released on May 5, 2015 during the Terwilligers 2015 Event.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Sea Students Pt. 1 Build Squidport Entrance
Make Captain Bob Go Yachting
Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob
Sea Students Pt. 2 Make Captain Bob Repair the Bilge Pump 60m Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob
Sea Students Pt. 3 Make Captain Bob Charter His Boat to Springfield Elementary 12h Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob
Sea Students Pt. 4 Make Captain Bob Sing the Score to HMS Pinafore 12h Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob
Sea Students Pt. 5 Make Captain Bob Stink Bomb the School 4h Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob
Sea Students Pt. 6 Make Captain Bob Accidentally Stink Bomb Himself 4h Cash100, XP10 Captain Bob


Sea Students Pt.1Edit

Character Dialogue
Captain Bob Sad Icon "You ever notice how tiring constant failed murder attempts are?"
Captain Bob Happy Icon "A little yachting is the perfect way to get away from all the madness."
Captain Bob Icon "Which should give me ample time to concoct some new madness."

Sea Students Pt.2Edit

Character Dialogue
Captain Bob Happy Icon "There's nothing quite like owning a boat."
Captain Bob Happy Icon "The crisp sea air, the fresh breeze, the sound of grinding gears in the bilge pump."
Captain Bob Surprised Icon "Grinding gears in the bilge pump?!"

Sea Students Pt.3Edit

Character Dialogue
Captain Bob Sad Icon "Is there no end to the repairs on this boat?!"
Captain Bob Sad Icon "Bilge pump, mainsail halyard, steaming light, bilge pump again!"
Sea Captain Icon "Yar, the sea is your mistress, and like most mistresses she's demanding and expensive."
Captain Bob Surprised Icon "How am I supposed to pay for all this? Piracy around the Horn of Africa?"
Sea Captain Icon "Well, you could charrrter your boat to the local school for field trips."
Captain Bob Icon "That's perfect! I could teach children the ways of the sea."
Captain Bob Happy Icon "I love educating children, when I'm not trying to kill them."

Sea Students Pt.4Edit

Character Dialogue
Captain Bob Happy Icon "Welcome aboard the SS Underdunk, young lads and lasses."
Captain Bob Happy Icon "Are you ready to have your lives enriched, for the mere sum of $249 a head?"
Bart Annoyed Icon "This is supposed to be a cruise. So can the gabbing and make with the duty free shopping and casinos."
Captain Bob Icon "Now Bart, you are here to learn the bold, manly ways of the sea."
Captain Bob Happy Icon "So let's start with a performance of one of my favorite light operettas!"

Sea Students Pt.5Edit

Character Dialogue
Captain Bob Sad Icon "These Springfield children are unteachable."
Captain Bob Annoyed Icon "How dare they scoff at the witty wordplay and century-old references of Gilbert and Sullivan?!"
Captain Bob Annoyed Icon "This is war, and I'm not afraid to take up the weapons of my enemy."
Captain Bob Annoyed Icon "Prepare to be the ones who smelt it, children of Springfield!"
Captain Bob Annoyed Icon "For I shall be he who dealt it!"

Sea Students Pt.6Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "Bob's trying to stink bomb the school?"
Bart Laughing Icon "I am rubber and you are glue. Your stinkbombs bounce off me and stick to you."
Captain Bob Surprised Icon "Augh! *cough* *cough*"
Captain Bob Surprised Icon "*cough* That rhyme actually works? Like some kind of magic?"
Bart Happy Icon "It's an unfathomable mystery of the sea."

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