Sideshow You
Tapped Out Sideshow You



Level Unlocked


Waiting Time

8 hours




The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt.15


Inflating new balloons....

Krust-O-Meter Impact

Merch: +10

Sideshow You is a unique Krustyland decoration. It costs 1000 tickets and was released with the Krustyland Expansion update. It must be purchased to complete The Krusty-est Place On Earth quest chain.

Sideshow You Minigame Edit

Sideshow You has a minigame similar to the Scratch-R. It can be played once every 8 hours. The game is completely free to play. In this minigame there are 8 balloons, and the player can pop 3 balloons to reveal prizes. Prizes include 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tickets, 50 tickets and 5 donuts. However the chance of winning 5 donuts is very small (as seen in the table below).

Odds Edit

Image Reward Percentage Odds
Donuts5 Donuts5 1% 1/100
Tickets50 Krustylandticket50 9% 9/100
Tickets25 Krustylandticket25 20% 1/5
Tickets10 Krustylandticket10 30% 3/10
Tickets5 Krustylandticket5 40% 2/5

Boring stuff Edit

  • It is the third minigame released in game, following the Kwik-E-Mart scratch cards and the Springfield Downs betting shop.
  • It can only be bought once, as part of the main Krustyland questline.
  • During the second part of the Christmas 2014 Event, the mini-game could no longer be played and became a stand-alone decoration. The mini-game returned on January 14, 2015.
  • Sometimes when it is tapped on, the game will show a message that says "Requirements Not Met".
    • This seems to happen if the player goes to Krustyland without tapping on the Krustyland Shuttle directly, but rather by going there by tapping "Go To" on a character task who is in Krustyland which redirects them to the shuttle.
  • The attraction is possibly based on the attraction of the same name in Universal Studios.

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