Whacking Day 2013 Event


Prize Currency

Limited Time?


Snakes (Snake Currency Icon) were a limited time currency used in the Whacking Day 2013 Event. Snakes were used differently from previous event currencies, as they could only be used for claiming Whacking Day prizes. The prizes operate on a milestone system; the number of obtained snakes never decreases, and simply unlocks a new prize when a certain amount is achieved.

Prizes Edit

Whackable Snakes Edit

Snakes also function as an 'enemy' type character which roam the player's Springfield during the Whacking Day Event, and also hatch from Snake Eggs placed by other players. They appear in orange, blue and green colour variants. When whacked, the snakes will either drop Snake currency or Snake Eggs.

Additional snakes could be spawned from Snake Rocks, Snake Stumps, and Hollow Snake Trunks. If the player purchased the Snake Speakers for 50 donuts and turns it on when snakes are loose in their town, the snakes would all gather around the speakers, making them easier to whack.

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