Sports Fans
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Tap Ball 2015 Event

Sports Fans were NPC during the Tap Ball 2015 Event that gave event currency to get prizes. They were appearing on the streets of the Player's Springfield and their Neighbors' Springfields. When the player tapped them, they were getting event currency.


There were two different ways to collect rewards:

  • In the player's own town, they rewarded :
  • In their Friend's Towns, they rewarded event currency for the first 50 actions (1 per action).


  • A maximum of 30 fans could be found in the player's town at a time.
    • However once the limit was reached, fans kept spawning to a bank until a total of sixty was reached.
    • Fans moved from the bank as soon as the fans in Springfield were tapped.
  • One new fan was spawned every 10 minutes.
    • With the total of 60 fans, players needed to log into the game every 10 hours in order to tap every single fan.


Sports Fans appeared in four random skins. However these skins had no difference except for the look.