Spotlight Dance Bot
Spotlight Dance Bot Unlock
From Season 23, Episode 22 "Lisa Goes Gaga"


Spotlight Dance Bot

Content Update

Homerpalooza 2017 Event

Level Required




Number of Jobs


Premium Character?


Limited Time?


Character Collection

Homerpalooza Pop 2017

Unce, unce, unce!
— Spotlight Dance Bot's Unlock Message

The Spotlight Dance Bot is a limited-time premium NPC that was released on August 4, 2017, during Act 1 of the Homerpalooza 2017 Event. Although the bot cannot do any jobs, if you click on him, he will start to dance and the spotlight will light up.

Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
LadyBot Surprised Icon Observe! It is the dancing spotlight robot.
Mecha Hawk Happy Icon Right on. The party has entered the dwelling's interior.
x100px *happy beep*
Homer Icon Go on guys, dance "The Robot".
Mecha Hawk Annoyed Icon Why would you assume I only know that dance? Offensive! Offensive! Offensive!

Quest Edit

Icon Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
x50px Spotlight Haven Tap Spotlight Dance Bot N/A Cash100

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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