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Springfield Elementary
School Final



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Conform-O-Meter Impact

Obeience: +10

Springfield Elementary School or simply Springfield Elementary is one of two elementary schools in Springfield, the other being Waverly Hills Elementary. It is a Level 9 building and will cost the player 10500 cash to build. Upon completion, Skinner is unlocked.

About Edit

Springfield Elementary is around two stories high, and contains a gym and a cafeteria.

The basement includes a steam tunnel. In the earlier episodes (such as seasons 1-5) there is somewhat of a steeple on top of the school roof. The floor plan is identical to that of West Springfield Elementary School. Springfield Elementary School is also based on McCarthy Middle School.

There is a field trip memorial that shows the names of the students who never came back from a field trip. Groundskeeper Willie constantly has to edit the wall, and is very sad and angry when he must engrave the name of a student with a long name.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Abraham Lincoln

  • Coach Springfield Elementary Debate Team - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h

Clockwork Bart

  • Go to School - 6h

Coach Krupt

  • Launch a BOMBARDMENT! - 8h
  • Play a Dance Tune - 12h

Daredevil Bart

  • Perform Stunts for Students - 24h

Dewey Largo

  • Conduct School Orchestra - 2h
  • Dream of Proper Funding - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Torment Classmates - 8h

Father Sean

  • Make Catholicism Cool - 4h

Goblin Bart

  • Pillage Teacher's Fridge - 8h

Hugs Bunny

  • Rehearse Children’s Stories - 8h
  • Give a Presentation to Children - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Complain about Cafeteria Food - 8h


  • Give a Pink Belly - 60m
  • Go to School - 6h


  • Go to School - 6h

Lunchlady Dora

  • Work a Nursing Shift - 60m
  • Serve Lunch - 4h


  • Rehearse Play - 60m
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Serve as Hall Monitor - 12h


  • Teach Children There's No Heaven - 4h

Michael D’Amico

  • Go to School - 6h


  • Go to School - 6h

Miss Hoover

  • Take a Nap in Class - 2h
  • Procrastinate Over a Lesson Plan - 4h
  • Gossip About Other Teachers - 12h

Mrs. Krabappel

  • Relax in Teachers Lounge - 60m
  • Teach Classes - 8h
  • Host Detention - 12h

Mrs. Quimby

  • Educate Children on Physical Fitness - 4h


  • Shake Kids Down for Lunch Money - 4h
  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Do Janitorial Work - 12h

Number 600

  • Tamper with School Records - 4h


  • Hit on Edna - 60m

Radioactive Milhouse

  • Stand Up to Bullies - 3h
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Be a Hero - 24h


  • Go to School - 6h

Santa Flanders

  • Educate Kids On the Meaning of Christmas - 8h

Saxophone Lisa

  • Play a Saxophone Solo at Springfield Elementary - 4h
  • Go to School - 6h

Sebastian Cobb

  • Teach Quantum Science 101 - 8h

Sherri & Terri

  • Go to School - 6h


  • Crossing Guard - 4h
  • Monitor Halls - 12h

Sophie Krustofski

  • Go to School - 6h

Suzanne the Witch

  • Fatten Up Children - 4h


  • Go to School - 6h


  • Wax the Floors - 24h

Wizard Marge

  • Put on a Magic Show - 12h

Wizard Martin

  • Search for Adventuring Companions - 8h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Beer Stein Wiggum

  • Teach Kids to "Just Pour it Out" - 6h

Clockwork Bart

  • Ultra-Prank Skinner - 60m


  • Reject Milhouse - 60m


  • Provide Bart Moral Support - 60m

Radioactive Milhouse

  • Wear His Costume to School - 60m
  • Bask in the Attention - 2h
  • Get the Girl - 2h

Character Groups

  • Gawk at Milhouse's Costume - 2h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Serve Detention - 6h


  • Practice Grammarfication - 24h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Plant Bonsai - 12h
  • Prune Bonsai - 12h
  • Re-pot Bonsai - 12h


  • Work at the School - 24h


  • Star in a School Production of Waiting for Godot - 3h


  • Threaten the Bullies - 8h


  • Secretly Meet with Skinner - 4h
  • Tattle On Coach Krupt - 4h
  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Protest the School Menu - 12h


  • Threaten the Bullies - 8h


  • Serve Detention - 6h


  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Clean the School - 12h

Miss Hoover

  • Get Ready for her Date - 6h


  • Serve Detention - 6h

Santa Flanders

  • Get Slightly Too Religious As Santa - 8h


  • Listen to Complaints - 4h
  • Plan Two Hundred Bake Sales - 4h
  • Secretly Meet with Lisa - 4h
  • Host Detention - 12h
  • Search the School for Eggs - 24h

Trivia Edit

  • When someone does a task here, the US Flag appears to wave.
  • After being visited by a friend, the roof of the Springfield Elementary has the text "Principal Skinner: I am a Weiner!" (all uppercase) sprayed thereon.
  • For some reason, the common job "Go to School" often gives a wrong payout.
    • Sherri & Terri get the usual premium payout when performing their job here, while all of their other tasks make them get a 200% bonus in their payout. Additionally, costumes for Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse that have premium payout only get a normal payout for performing this job.

Gallery Edit

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