Springfield Heights (chapter two) (quest chain)
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar

Level Required


Release Date

December 2, 2015

Number of Quests


Preceded By

Springfield Heights

Springfield Heights (chapter two) (quest chain) is a main questline for the Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) content update that was released on December 2, 2015. Processing through it will guide the player with this new chapter for the expansion. To start the quest, the player had to complete Springfield Heights Pt. 9.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Springfield Heights Pt. 10 Unlock Marketing Agency - Cash100
Cookie Kwan
Springfield Heights Pt. 11 Make Springfielders Produce Ads (x10)
Build Exclusive Resort
Lindsey Naegle
Springfield Heights Pt. 12 Place Ornate Pier
Place Ornate Pier Tiles (x3)
Build Elite Yacht Club
Lindsey Naegle
Springfield Heights Pt. 13 Make Lindsey Naegle Keep Kids Out of Party
Make Celebrities Attend a Lavish Party (x3)
Lindsey Naegle
Springfield Heights Pt. 14 (Make Lindsey Naegle) Give an Impassioned Speech
Build Private Island
Lindsey Naegle


Springfield Heights Pt. 10

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Icon "Hmmm...I can't tell if these are rich slobs so wealthy they don't care how they look, or just poor slobs."
Kirk Icon "What I lack in money, I more than make up for in lack of friends."
Comic Book Guy Icon "My comic book collection is priceless, because I can't find anyone who will buy it."
Wiggum Icon "Don't blame me. Blame that cop that got caught taking bribes and ruined it for the rest of us.
Lou Icon "That was you, chief."
Cookie Kwan Sad Icon "These people aren't Springfield Heights material! They're not even Springfield Bog people. We need a marketing miracle."

Springfield Heights Pt. 11

Character Dialogue
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar "Cookie, darling!" What's the stitch? Selling cigarettes to kids? Selling elephants to poachers? Selling cigarettes to elephants?"
Cookie Kwan Icon "We're selling homes to people in need...of a fourth home."
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar "That's it? Easy! It'll be like taking candy from a baby. And then selling that rebranded boutique candy back to the baby."
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar "I'll sell those homes faster than you can say here's a giant selling bonus!"
Cookie Kwan Icon "Here's a giant selling bonus?"
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar "Great! Cash is preffered. Now let's think of some advertising slogan like, “Blast Off to New Heights!” But not that."
Tap on the Marketing Agency to produce Ads to build an Exclusive Resort!
— In-Game Message


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