Springfield Heights (quest chain)
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July 22, 2015

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Side Quests

Real Estate Mogul
In Land Empire

Upgradable Building Side Quests

Republic of Condo
Getting Classy
Cubical Dream
Show- Vroom
Above the Clouds of Springfield

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Springfield Heights (chapter two)

Springfield Heights (quest chain) is the main questline for the Springfield Heights Expansion content update that was released on July 22, 2015. Processing through it will guide the player with this new Expansion.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Springfield Heights Pt. 1 Build Burns Slant-Drilling Co. - Cash100
Mr. Burns
Springfield Heights Pt. 2 Build Red Blazer Realty - Cash100
Mr. Burns
Springfield Heights Pt. 3 Make Homer Clear the Tunnel 6s Cash100
Cookie Kwan
Springfield Heights Pt. 4 Build Deluxe Condo - Furniture Indicator5
The More the Merrier Unlock Ned Flanders' job at the Shøp - Furniture Indicator10
Springfield Heights Pt. 5 Unlock Coffee Shop
Make Springfielders Collect Lattes
Upgrade a Deluxe Condo to Level 2
Coffee Indicator10
Comic Book Guy
The Quests Republic of Condo, Getting Classy and Cubical Dream start
Springfield Heights Pt. 6 Unlock Institute of Technology
Make Springfielders Collect Smart Devices (x2)
Smart Device Indicator8
Cookie Kwan
The Quest Show- Vroom starts
A Clockwork Storage Unlock Milhouse's job at the Institute of Technology - Cash100
Springfield Heights Pt. 7 Unlock L.A. Body Works
Make Springfielders Collect Yoga Mats (x5)
Cookie Kwan
The Quest Above the Clouds of Springfield starts
Springfield Heights Pt. 8 Unlock John's Pharmaceuticals
Make Springfielders Collect Pharmaceuticals (x5)
Cookie Kwan
Springfield Heights Pt. 9 Unlock Heights Theater
Make Springfielders Collect Hollywood Awards (x5)
Cookie Kwan


Springfield Heights Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Angry Icon "Smithers, what are those baboons doing in the break room?"
Smithers Icon "Unfortunately sir, those are humans. The monkeys we trained have all been poached by competitors."
Homer Angry Icon "I drink your milkshake. And I'll drink your milkshake. And I'll drink your milkshake."
Carl Surprised Icon "Okay Homer, we all saw “There Will Be Blood”."
Lenny Icon "And read Upton Sinclair’s novel Oil!"
Lenny Surprised Icon "No wait, none of us did that."
Homer Confused Icon "I don't know what you guys are talking about."
Homer Happy Icon "All I know is that while you're doing it, I'm using this slanty straw I invented... to drink your milkshakes!"
Smithers Icon "That's Homer Simpson, sir. He's pretty much the one baboon our competitors didn't get."
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon "Homer Simpson, eh? Well he's given me an idea -- to reuse an idea I had twenty years ago."

Springfield Heights Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Happy Icon "We struck oil, Smithers! Finally I can join the trillionaires club. I just wish it wasn't so lonely at the clubhouse."
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon "Just me and those freshly killed endangered species waiting to be stuffed and/or cooked. Maybe I should hire staff."
Smithers Icon "Sir, an oil based economy usually brings two things to town: millionaires and an influx of young, brawny single men."
Mr. Burns Icon "So we'll both have something to look forward to."
Smithers Sad Icon "Err, I'm not sure I follow you, sir."
Mr. Burns Icon "I'll have my financial peers and you'll have a lower wage due to increased competition. A Win-Win!"
Mr. Burns Sad Icon "But more millionaires could be a threat! Unless I owned their homes. Then I could be their…"
Mr. Burns Icon "Smithers, what's the rich version of slum lord? Eh, let's just stick with slum lord."
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon "Find me a real estate agent!"

Springfield Heights Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "Mr. Burns as a client? Finally, someone with the money, the gumption, and the money to build homes suitable for me to sell."
Mr. Burns Angry Icon "Homes? These people buy homes for their dogs! I don't need homes - I need mansions! Although I will need some homes for their dogs."
Cookie Kwan Icon "The only area that fits that description is Springfield Heights. And lucky for you it's on my turf – the West Side."
Mr. Burns Icon "Ah, so that's west, is it? We've never really had a compass direction in this town before."
Cookie Kwan Icon "Unfortunately it's separated from the town by a chain of mountains."
Cookie Kwan Icon "If only there were someone in Springfield known to occasionally walk around throwing dynamite."


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Surprised Icon "Thank you, Homer! Your haphazard use of explosives has cleared the tunnel."
Cookie Kwan Icon "It's collapsed before, and certainly isn't more structurally sound now... but it's open."

Springfield Heights Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Surprised Icon "Glor? Spang? Kleeb? What store is this and why does it only sell rejected fight sound effects?"
Lisa Shocked Icon "That's the Danish furniture store Shøp! They sell expensive-looking furniture and cheap horsemeat."
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "Classy on the outside, trashy on the inside – that's my target clientele!"
Homer Sad Icon "But where will all the trashy on the outside and trashy on the inside people shop? We can't afford those prices."
Cookie Kwan Annoyed Icon "Then get off your lazy butt and get a second job. We all have them. It's the American way."
Lisa Nagging Icon "What's your second job?"
Cookie Kwan Icon "Real estate agent. My first job is blazer model."
Homer Scared Icon "More work?!? I don't like the American way. Why can't we just ONCE adopt the Canadian way?"
Tap on Shøp to produce Furniture. Use Furniture to build a Deluxe Condo.
— In-Game Message

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Icon "Mr. Burns, I've some Excel news."
Mr. Burns Icon "It's pronounced "Excellent." You left off the "lent"."
Cookie Kwan Icon "No, I mean I crunched the numbers with Excel and realized that if we build "luxury" condos instead of mansions-"
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "We can charge those moneybags full home prices for glorified apartments!"
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon "Excellent. See, that's how you say it."
New Springfield Heights items available in the store!
— In-Game Message

The More the MerrierEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Aah Icon "AAAHHH! I can't keep up with all the customers' orders... and all their returns!"
Lisa Annoyed Icon "I think you're not following the instructions right. All these chairs have two legs."
Homer Doh Icon "I thought they were just fancy chairs invented by some snooty Scandinavian designer!"

Springfield Heights Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "Gentrification is coming. I can smell it."
Comic Book Guy Icon "Allow me to try - I took an online sommelier course in nerd scents. Yes, I smell small-batch pour-over coffee and free wifi."
Comic Book Guy Icon "*sniff sniff* Two hour limit with purchase."
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "It's perfect. First the coffee shops come, then the brunch places, then the dog groomers, and then the dog brunch places."


Character Dialogue
The Rich Texan Icon "Oh shoot. My wallet's too full again and won't close. Quick sweetie, let's buy this here penthouse suite!"
Paris Texan Annoyed Icon "No, Daddy! Gross. I can't film my next reality show in a condo! People expect a certain level of class from reality TV."
Paris Texan Icon "Plus I need something big enough to fit an underwater confessional cam."

Springfield Heights Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Icon "Most wealthy people have forgotten how to do the most basic of tasks."
Mr. Burns Annoyed Icon "What? I wasn't listening. Smithers! Listen for me!"
Cookie Kwan Icon "That's why we need to build something for the 1%'s assistants, trust fund managers, professional meat cutters, and mail order mistresses."


Character Dialogue
Manjula Icon "What is it, Apu? You stopped mopping. Is the bucket ready to be poured back into the Squishee machine?"
Apu Surprised Icon "I felt a chill - like Springfield finally decided to join the tech crunch. I'm not going to be the only Nahasapeemapetilon in the phone book for much longer."

A Clockwork StorageEdit

Character Dialogue
Apu Angry Icon "You, with the blue hair! Are you done shopping yet? I have to get back to my thesis work."
Milhouse Icon "How come the ice cream boxes all say 'myPhone' on them and aren't leaking like they normally are?"
Apu Icon "The Institute of Technology ran out of storage, so I said they could keep some of their merchandise here."
Milhouse Icon "Can I buy them?"
Apu Icon "Sure, but these are previous generation myPhones."
Milhouse Sad Icon "Oh... nevermind. Let me know when you get more leaky ice cream in."

Springfield Heights Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Icon "Despite my love of the West Side, rich people tend to embrace eastern traditions – sushi, yoga, purchasing girls' underwear from a vending machine."
Moe Icon "I did yoga once back in the seventies. Only back then they called it yogurt, and it was a food not an exercise routine."
Moe Icon "I can also confuse yoga for Yogi Bear. You wanna hear that one?"

Springfield Heights Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "My beautiful wealthy oasis is almost complete. Now we just need a healthy supply of prescription drugs for our bored housewives to get addicted to."
Dr. Nick Happy Icon "Hi everybody!"
Cookie Kwan Annoyed Icon "No, your face is already on too many bench ads. You've been sullied by the butts of the poor!"
Cookie Kwan Icon "I'd never stoop to a bench ad. Now a stoop ad, that's thinking outside the box. Hmm, a box ad…"

Springfield Heights Pt. 9Edit


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Sad Icon "We haven't had a single wealthy person move in! I don't deserve this real estate blazer or hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are for closers…and balloon enthusiasts."
Brockman Icon "Kent Brockman here, reporting on the public outcry for the rich and famous."
Brockman Icon "What will bring the elite class to this one horse town? Two horses? In this reporter's opinion – three!"
Cookie Kwan Surprised Icon "Of course!"
Brockman Angry Icon "The horses? That was my idea! It's copywritten!"
Cookie Kwan Icon "No! We need a dog and pony show! But instead of dogs and ponies, we have celebrities and celebrity ponies."
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon "Nothing attracts rich people more than red carpet events."


Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Sad Icon "All the celebrities had Native Americans accept their awards on their behalf to protest Springfield Heights being built on an ancient burial ground."
Cookie Kwan Annoyed Icon "Don't they realize that a haunted house counts as a built-in alarm system? It's a perk!"