Springfield Henge
Springfield Henge Snow Menu

Content Update

Winter 2016 Event

How to Unlock

Springfield Henge Pt. 1

Level Required





Cash150, XP13 (after event)

Collection Time

8 hours



Building Time

6 seconds

Premium Building?


Limited Time?



Honoring the Old Pagan Gods (after event)

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Consumerism: +10

The Springfield Henge is a limited-time building that was released on December, 2016 as part of the Winter 2016 Event. It was the Town landing point during the event.

Daily Offerings Edit

On every act, players were given the daily possibility to hand in a certain amount of offerings to unlock a prize.

There was a theoretical cumulative cap of 1,000,000 prize track currency that could have been obtained on each act from offerings.

The offerings of each act are cumulative. Players can obtain the prizes on the day they unlock or later on the same act.

Act 1

Day Date Offerings
1 December 6 4 Pile of Runestones
2 December 7
3 December 8
4 December 9 3 Donuts
5 December 10 Pile of Runestones
6 December 11
7 December 12
8 December 13
9 December 14 3 Donuts
10 December 15 Pile of Runestones
11 December 16
12 December 17

Act 2

Day Date Offerings
13 December 18 4 Pile of Runestones
14 December 19 3 Donuts
15 December 20 Pile of Runestones
16 December 21
17 December 22
18 December 23
19 December 24 3 Donuts
20 December 25 Pile of Runestones
21 December 26
22 December 27
23 December 28
24 December 29 3 Donuts

Placeholder Edit

Job Board End

At the end of each act Offerings calender there was a space with a placeholder image. The phrase Unlock previous prizes to unlock Well done could be read before all offering gift were unlocked. If the player then handed in 1000 offerings, a script that literally did nothing triggered.

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, beach, boardwalk, or pier.
  • The Winter Event Takedown update added an income and action.