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Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

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This is about the building complex. For the individual buildings, see Cooling Towers, Reactor Core and Control Building.
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Overall Cost


Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Mr. Burns (Cooling Towers)



Overall Size


Overall Building Time

3 days


It's Pronounced Nu-cular

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a unique public building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is split into three separately constructed parts; the Cooling Towers, the Reactor Core, and the Control Building,  Montgomery Burns is unlocked from the Cooling Towers. The Plant was the cause of the nuclear meltdown that destroyed the original Springfield at the start of the game.


This building is built during the It's Pronounced Nu-cular quest.


Jobs InvolvedEdit

Mr. Burns

  • Peruse the Latest Issue of 'Snobby Hobbies' - 4h

Waylon Smithers

  • Wander Aimlessly - 24h



  • All three segments are different buildings, but all make the same sounds when tapped.
  • No matter how far apart the segments are, the Cooling Towers will always fume as an action animation, even though a character may be performing a job in the Control Building.
  • Even though the Power Plant is divided into three different buildings, most players tend to put them together like in Springfield.
  • Although you have to buy all three items upon completion of the quest chain, the characters only perform their tasks in the Control Building and the Cooling Towers parts of the Power Plant. This means that you can sell the Reactor Core without losing jobs or characters.

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