Stadium Sets
Stadium Entrance Menu


Tap Ball 2015 Event


CashFREE (Normal)
Donuts50 (Clay, Gold)

Payout Increase


Conformity Increase


The Stadium Sets are collections of façades for the Tap Ball Stadium's items. They were released on July 3 and 13, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event.


The Stadium Sets added Clay and Gold façades for Stadium Entrance, Grass Field, Single Bleachers, Double Bleachers, Triple Bleachers, Stadium Fence, Stadium Lights and the Homertron. Buying a set affected all eight decorations.

Stadium SetsEdit

Name Normal Clay Gold
Stadium Entrance Stadium Entrance Menu Clay Stadium Entrance Menu Gold Stadium Entrance Menu
Grass Field Grass Field Menu Clay Grass Field Menu Gold Grass Field Menu
Single Bleachers Single Bleachers Menu Clay Single Bleachers Menu Gold Single Bleachers Menu
Double Bleachers Double Bleachers Menu Clay Double Bleachers Menu Gold Double Bleachers Menu
Triple Bleachers Triple Bleachers Menu Clay Triple Bleachers Menu Gold Triple Bleachers Menu
Stadium Fence Stadium Fence Menu Clay Stadium Fence Menu Gold Stadium Fence Menu
Stadium Lights Stadium Lights Menu Clay Stadium Lights Menu Gold Stadium Lights Menu
Homertron Homertron Menu Clay Homertron Menu Gold Homertron Menu


  • Feel free to post a capture of your own Stadium Sets

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