Stu's Disco
Stu's disco


Donuts 180

Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Disco Stu


Cash 300, XP 30

Collection Time

12 hours


8 x 6

Building Time

6 seconds


Spinning Vinyl

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Indolence: +10

Stu's Disco is a premium building in released on September 12, 2013, along with the level 35 update. Upon completion, Disco Stu is unlocked. At a price of 180 donuts, it was one of the most expensive premium items in the game upon its release.

During the Black Friday 2015 Promotion the player got a rebate of 75 donuts when purchased.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Disco Stu

  • Boogie Down - 6h
  • Work a Shift at Stu's Disco - 12h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Go to Stu’s Disco - 8h

Trivia Edit

  • When the Player taps on the building, a short, groovy melody will play.
  • Its level requirements were reduced to 30 from 35 once the Springfield Heights Expansion update was released.
    • The level required to see it locked in the menu was reduced as well from 32 to 28.

Gallery Edit

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