Sushi Ralph
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Release Date

May 6, 2015

Number of Quests


Main Quest

Dora the Endorser

Sushi Ralph is the second questline for the Level 52 content update that was released on May 6, 2015. In order to complete it, the Player needs Akira that is unlocked after purchasing The Happy Sumo.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Sushi Ralph Pt. 1 Reach Level 52 and complete the Quest Dora the Endorser Pt. 5
Complete the Quest Sensei You, Sensei Me Pt. 2
Make Ralph Drop off a Resume
Cash100, XP10 Ralph
Sushi Ralph Pt. 2 Make Ralph Prepare Sushi 3h Cash100, XP10 Akira
Sushi Ralph Pt. 3 Make Springfielders Eat Sushi (x10) 2h Cash100, XP10 Wiggum
Sushi Ralph Pt. 4 Make Springfielders Get Stomach Pumped (x10) 2h Cash100, XP10 Homer



Sushi Ralph Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Wiggum Icon "Now Ralphie, apparently you are aging out of day care and our attempts to make you a latchkey kid have failed horribly."
Ralph Icon "Keys taste delicious but I don't like what they unlock in my tummy."
Wiggum Icon "Luckily for us, the Happy Sumo has opened up this unpaid sushi internship for kids."
Wiggum Icon "It sounds like this program breaks any number of laws, but I'm no expert in what's legal and illegal, so I'll just focus on the positive - all the free ginger I can eat!"

Sushi Ralph Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Let me examine you, Ralph. Such a blank stare, such tender fingers softened from years spent inside the nose. And is that a never closed fontanelle?"
Wiggum Icon "Oh yeah. I know it's tempting, but the doctor said try not to poke it with a chopstick. Each time you do, Ralphie loses another word."
Akira Icon "Ralph, what are you thinking right now?"
Ralph Icon "....Pass!"
Akira Icon "In Japan, sushi chefs spend years meditating to achieve an empty mind. Your son was born with it. He will be a master!"

Jobs StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Such fine sashimi - how did you learn how to use a knife like this, Wiggum-san?"
Ralph Icon "I'm not allowed to use a knife because I forget which end to hold. I used safety scissors."
Akira Icon "I have chosen wisely! Wiggum-san, you are a prodigy! I am proud of you, my apprentice."
Ralph Icon "Prood? Pruud? Proud? What does that mean? I've never heard it before. Or I lost it from a chopstick poke."

Sushi Ralph Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Wiggum Icon "Hear that, folks, my boy is a prodigy. He brings honor to the family name. I should've known – Wiggum's Gaelic for unisex fish genitals."
Wiggum Icon "In honor of what I can only assume will be his greatest accomplishment, all the sushi you can eat! Paid for by the Springfield Police Department."
Lisa Icon "Isn't the police department funded by the taxpayers, meaning this meal will be paid for by us?"
Akira Icon "Shhh, little girl. Here's a cucumber roll."
Lisa Icon "It's so good! Finally, a vegetarian dish I don't have to lie about liking."


Character Dialogue
Sea Captain Icon "Yar, this is the freshest sushi I've ever eaten, and once a fish committed suicide by jumping into me mouth."
Ned Icon "Why, I'm eating fish and it isn't even Friday. It's so good I don't even care that I'm breaking the 138th secret commandment."
Judge Snyder Icon "This fish is guilty… of being delicious. I demand to see the chef in my chambers."
Akira Icon "Like a lotus blossom floats on the water, so will I raise my prices."

Sushi Ralph Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "My stomach feels t-t-terribly wrong."
Sea Captain Icon "Yar, me belly's heavin' like a dinghy lost at sea. Or like a man makin' a metaphor before he pukes."
Milhouse Icon "I don't feel so good either."
Marge Icon "Alright, that's it, we're going to see Dr. Hibbert."

Jobs StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Why, all of these people have been poisoned. Food poisoned!"
Lisa Icon "Oh no, it must be Ralph and the Happy Sumo. I knew it was too good to be true."


Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Looks like it was tainted Krusty Burgers... which apparently everyone in town ate after their sushi because pieces of raw fish on rice just don't really fill you up."
Akira Icon "I wish you had told me that before I fell upon my sword to defend my honor. Little help, please?"
Homer Icon "Wait, I didn't eat any Krusty Burger last night. Why do I still feel sick?"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Mr. Simpson, after pumping your stomach we found several Krusty Burgers, some still in their wrappers. We also found six pounds of shrimp scampi, $8.50 in loose change, and-"
Homer Icon "Alright, alright, you've made your point. Now I'll take my $8.50 and my shrimp scampi and be on my way."
Akira Icon "Seriously, I could really use some medical attention."

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