The Box, the Box!

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The Others

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Soylent Bean

The Box, the Box! is a tutorial quest that introduces the Player to the Mystery Box. The player is always rewarded with 30 Donuts from the Mystery Box the player buys in this quest.


Quest Requirements Reward
The Box, the Box! Get a Mystery Box Donuts30


Daily Play Combo

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "5 days? But I need whatever-it-is right now! It's a matter of life and death, possibly!"
Lisa Icon "We could get one with Donuts."
Homer Icon "Donuts? Mystery Box? Donuts? Mystery Box?..."
Homer Icon "Mystery Box!"

The Box, the Box!

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Woo-hoo! Spend six donuts to get thirty? What a deal!"
Lisa Icon "It might just be beginners luck."
Homer Icon "The only way to find out is to buy a hundred more of those boxes!"


  • Formerly, the player would get just 10 Donuts from the Mystery Box in this tutorial quest.

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