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The Cleaner

Level Required


Number of Quests


Release Date

April 18, 2013

Preceded By

Lenny and Carl Quests

Succeeded By

Legs and Louie quests

The Cleaner is a level 28 quest chain consisting of 5 quests in total. 


Quest Requirements Reward

Legitimate Business 

Build the Businessman's Social Club

Unlock: Fat Tony

The Cleaner Pt.1 Make Fat Tony Join Mr. Burns for Dinner Money100
The Cleaner Pt.2 Make Fat Tony Get Rid of a Problem Money100
The Cleaner Pt.3 Make Fat Tony Play the Violin Money100
The Cleaner Pt.4 Build Fat Tony's Compound Money100
Unlock: Legs, Louie


Legitimate BusinessEdit

Character Dialogue
Quimbyicon "Thank you, Fat Tony, for your generous donation to my Super PAC, "American U.S.A. Minutemen for Freedom, Liberty, Patriotism and America."
Fattonyicon "Will it be satisfactory to secure the reconstruction of my headquarters?"


"Easily done. The person playing this game builds whatever we ask. And pays us whatever random sum of money we demand!"
Fattonyicon "There's one born every minute, I suppose."

The Cleaner Pt.1Edit

Character Dialogue
Smithersicon "Fat Tony? Mr. Burns requests your company for dinner this evening to discuss matters of the utmost evil.
Fattonyicon "I'm always happy to have dinner with a fellow villain....which I consider myself, despite the fact that I somehow got categorized as a "Wise Guy".

The Cleaner Pt.2Edit

Character Dialogue
Fattonyicon "Just tell me who. My crack team of sociopaths will handle everything."
Burnsicon "It's not a "who", it's a "what". Some nuclear waste I wish to dispose of."
Fattonyicon "We could hide it inside a body bag. People see me burying body bags all the time. It's kind of my thing.
Burnsicon "Excellent."

The Cleaner Pt.3Edit

Character Dialogue
Fattonyicon "I was gardening. that's still legal in this state, is it not?"
Wiggumicon "Sure, I think. I'm not really up on what's legal and what's not. But if you really WERE gardening, tell me what you were planting."
Fattonyicon "Plants."
Wiggumicon "You're good Fat Tony. Very good. And I am correspondingly bad."

The Cleaner Pt.4Edit

Character Dialogue
Fattonyicon "Mr. Burns, I have taken care of that favor for you. And now I would like a favor in return."
Burnsicon "Ugh, you Mafiosi and your favors. How come you can't just accept money as compensation like everyone else in the world?"
Fattonyicon "Don't worry - this will require money. I need to rebuild my compound so that my beloved goons will return to me. I'm tired of being a Mafia of one. My gun hasn't had a night off in weeks."
Burnsicon "Consider it done. Every powerful man needs his sycopantic hangers-on."
Smithersicon "You called for me, sir?"

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Level 5 myPad · That Ain't Right · Getting Benched · Hardly Working · Pave Paradise · Slack-Jawed Yokel
Level 7 Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Graded Beef
Level 8 Thrillhouse
Level 9 We Do Need Yes Education
Level 10 Schoolhouse Crock · Krusty Burger Heavy User
Level 11 It's Pronounced Nu-cular
Level 12 Bart Crusoe · Springfield Library Quests
Level 13 The Dungeon Keeper
Level 14 The Passion of the Flanders · They Have Internet on Computers Now?
Level 15 Is There an Al Coholic Here · Free Band-Aids With Every Cut
Level 16 Double Down on She's A Loser · Truffle Surprise
Level 17 We Don't Sell myPods · Miranda Rights
Level 18 As American As Apple Pie · Luigi's Quests
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Level 20 Town Hall Quests
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Level 24 Hibbert Family Practice Quests · Hospital Quests
Level 25 Executive Lackey
Level 26 This Little Wiggy
Level 27 Buddha's Got Back · Lenny's Downfall · Carl's Rise Up The Ladder · True Bromance
Level 28 The Cleaner · Businessman's Social Club Quests
Level 29 There Are Winners And Skinners · Couch Surfin' U.S.A
Level 30 Military Antiques
Level 31 Celeb-o-mania
Level 32 Rod And Todd · Bread And Putter
Level 33 Bad Cops
Level 34 SKINNERRR? · Night at the Knowledgeum · High School Low
Level 35 For the Love of Marge · Career Aspirations · Up In Smoke
Level 36 Running with the Bullies
Level 37 Bachelor Arms · Weekend Dad
Level 38 Scandalous Spending · Two Extra Eyes On Springfield · Snyder House Rules
Level 39 A Perfectly Cromulent Job
Level 40 Chocolate Pain
Level 41 Vulgari Aspirations
Level 42 Islands in the Revenue Stream · Krusty the Hair Colorist
Level 43 The Princess and the Pea-Brain
Level 44 Database Recovery · Bonsai Vivant · Seeking A Friend For The End Of This Update · 99 Luft-Word-Balloons · Bloatation Device
Level 45 The Way I Wish We Was
Level 46 Easy A · Dr. Feelgood · One Small Bounce For Man...
Level 47 The Cost of Living · Testify!
Level 48 Country on the Inside · Smells Like Mean Spirit
Level 50 The Joy of Gossip

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