The Collider
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Superheroes Event 2015

Release Date

March 10, 2015

Level Required


Number of Quests


Preceded By

Hector Von Colossus

The Collider was a limited time questline during the Superheroes Event 2015. It unlocked with The Collider, the last prize in issue three of the event.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Collider Pt. 1 Make The Collider Work as a Double Agent 4h Cash100
The Collider Pt. 2 Make The Collider Pet Mr. Boson 24h Cash100
The Collider
The Collider Pt. 3 Make The Collider Sabotage the Poult-ray 60m Cash100
Dr. Colossus
The Collider Pt. 4 Make The Collider Die and Come Back in the Credits 8h Cash100
The Collider


The Collider Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
The Collider Icon "I can't let Dr. Colossus know I'm really a double-agent working for the Superior Squad."
Dr. Colossus Icon "Did you just say something devious out loud?"
The Collider Icon "Um... I... um... no."
Dr. Colossus Icon "Just get back to work! We have a town to enslave!"

The Collider Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Colossus Icon "It seems that no matter how hard I try my evil plans backfire."
The Collider Icon "Have you ever thought there might be a double agent in the facility?"
Dr. Colossus Icon "No, I've never thought that."
The Collider Icon "That's a relief."
Dr. Colossus Icon "But now that you bring it up, it makes perfect sense. Find this traitor and eliminate him!!"


Character Dialogue
Dr. Colossus Icon "Did the mole surface yet?"
The Collider Icon "The mole has been eliminated. Now feel free to let down your guard and tell me all your secret plans."
Dr. Colossus Icon "Good job, Collider. You make evil easy."

The Collider Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Colossus Happy Icon "I've done it! I've created the ultimate doomsday weapon!"
The Collider Annoyed Icon "Congratulations. What does it do?"
Dr. Colossus Icon "It makes everything taste like dry chicken. I call it the "Poult-Ray." "
The Collider Icon "He's removing the plump juiciness from life, like a bad backyard BBQ?! I must stop him!"


Character Dialogue
Explosion Icon "..."

The Collider Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
The Collider Sad Icon "Ugh. I was too close to the "Poult-Ray" when it blew."
The Collider Sad Icon "*cough* My juices are running clear..."
The Collider Dying Icon "I'm cooked to a crisp. *wheeze*"


Character Dialogue
The Collider Surprised Icon "I'm alive! Protected by a layer of exploded chicken fat."
The Collider Icon "And my skin... so soft and supple."
Dr. Colossus Icon "This is terrible! The Poult-ray was destroyed!"
Dr. Colossus Icon "Collider? Is that you? You look 20 years younger."
The Collider Icon "Good living, I guess."
Dr. Colossus Icon "It's true. Evil living does add years to a villain's life."
Dr. Colossus Icon "Let's head back to the lab and we'll start again."
The Collider Icon "Sure thing, boss."