The Great Donut Caper
Holiday Donuts


Christmas 2013

Release Date

December 22, 2013

Number of Quests


The Great Donut Caper is a short quest that started on December 22nd and ended December 24th. This quest preludes a Holiday Donut sale.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
The Great Donut Caper Pt. 1 Make Homer Shop for Holiday Donuts 60m XP17 Cash70
The Great Donut Caper Pt. 2 Make Homer Search Shops for Holiday Donuts 60m XP17 Cash70


The Great Donut Caper Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Mmmmm… donuts… mmmmm… holidays…"
"My two favorite things are together at last!"
Marge Icon "I thought the kids were your two favorite things?"
Homer Icon "Oh, yeah, sure, them too. Gotta go!"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "One tray of Holiday Donuts, Apu, my good man."
"Better yet, make it a truckload!"
Apu Icon "I am sorry, but that item was not included in our inventory shipment."
Homer Icon "What? But, donuts… and holidays…"
Apu Icon "I, too, am pained, my friend. Someone out there has purchased all the holiday donuts from the wholesaler and cornered a very lucrative market."
Homer Icon "Well, I’m going to find this mad genius and get me some sweet holiday treats or my name isn't Homer J. Simpson!"

The Great Donut Caper Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I can't believe the Kwik-E-Mart has no holiday donuts! This is the worst Christmas ever... except of course for the tsunami one in 2004.
Lisa Icon "What's the big deal? Aren't holiday donuts just the same as regular donuts?"
Homer Icon "No. They taste the same. But they have red and green sprinkles on them so they look different."
"And being the same but looking more festive is what the holidays are all about."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "This is a nightmare! There's not a single holiday donut in town."
*sigh* "And I'd pay anything for one."
Lisa Icon "Maybe that's the point. Perhaps someone is artificially reducing supply in an effort to increase demand."
Homer Icon "You don't mean...?"
Lisa Icon "Yes. It appears that some entrepreneurial mastermind has cornered the market."
Homer Icon "Who is this Nelson Baker Hunt of donuts? Also, who is Nelson Baker Hunt?"

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