The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Carl Sidebar

Content Update

Pride 2017 Event

Level Required


Release Date

July 5, 2017

Number of Quests


The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen is a premium side questline that was released on July 5, 2017 for the Pride 2017 Event. It requires the premium building The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen Make Lenny Dress Up and Go Out
Make Carl Dress Up and Go Out

Dialogue Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Carl Happy Icon Hey, Lenny, I hear there's a hot new club in town.
Carl Icon Got a strict dress code and everything. Wanna go tonight?
Lenny Yay Icon Are you kidding? I've got a closet full of flashy clothes just waiting for the right moment to come out.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Carl Surprised Icon I think this place caters to a specific type of extra-horny gentleman.
Lenny Sad Icon Yea, you can say that again.
Lenny Yay Icon Great music though.