The Other Other White Meat
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Terwilligers 2015 Event

Level Rqeuired


Release Date

May 21, 2015

Number of Quests


The Other Other White Meat was a limited time premuim questline released on May 21, 2015 during the Terwilligers 2015 Event. It started once the player purchased The Rad-ish Station.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Other Other White Meat Pt. 1 Build The Rad-ish Station
Make Lisa Raise Mutant Awareness
6h Cash100
The Other Other White Meat Pt. 2 Make Springfielders Herd Mutant Vegetables (15x) 2h Cash100
The Other Other White Meat Pt. 3 Make Lisa Protest Against a Fresh Vegetarian Option at Krusty Burger 60m Cash100
The Other Other White Meat Pt. 4 Make Lisa Flip the Switch 4h Cash100


The Other Other White Meat Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Confused Icon "You know, I feel sorry for Bob's vegetable clones. They never asked to be created and now they're being exploited to the point of extinction."
Homer Icon "I never asked to have to eat everything I see, but there you have it."
Professor Frink Icon "FrinkCo, in association with the Monsarno Corporation, has developed a habitat where the clones will be safe."
Professor Frink Icon "I supplied the idea, Monsarno supplied the funding."
Cecil Terwilliger Icon "And we'll be keeping the profits."
Professor Frink Icon "Talk about exploitation!"


Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon "Pretty radical-ish, isn't it?"
Professor Frink Icon "Once again, science has produced a convoluted and dangerous solution to a complicated and perilous problem it created."
Professor Frink Icon "Gotta love science."

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon "The Rad-ish Station is operational! Now, you merely need to herd the mutant vegetables on board."
Lisa Curious Icon "They seem kind of reluctant."
Professor Frink Icon "We'll have to tempt them with these bowls of sour cream dip, which no raw vegetable can resist."
Lisa Nagging Icon "Promise me one thing: this isn't some sneaky plan to sell them all to Krusty Burger."
Professor Frink Icon "Perish the thought."
Professor Frink Icon "Or should I say “Rad-ish the thought”?! Nnn-ha! Nnn-ha! No, I shouldn't."


Character Dialogue
Bart Confused Icon "Where's Homer?"
Lisa Nagging Icon "On the Rad-ish Station, drinking bowls of sour cream dip."

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon "The mutant vegetable clones are loving the Rad-ish Station, just as the simulation predicted."
Lisa Icon "What simulation is that?"
Professor Frink Icon "A freemium game I play on my phone where a bunch of mutant clones were introduced in an update, and then there was a rad-ish station."
Lisa Curious Icon "That is so confusing. And you're positive you're not giving the mutant vegetables to Krusty Burger?"
Professor Frink Icon "Absolutely not."
Krusty Joking Icon "Because he's not giving them to me, he's selling them to me!"
Lisa Angry Icon " I knew it! I knew there'd be a nasty twist."
Krusty Annoyed Icon "Hey, you're the one who's always demanding a fresh vegetarian option at Krusty Burger."
Lisa Annoyed Icon "Well those days are over."


Character Dialogue
Krusty Confident Icon "It's no good protesting, Lisa. People love eating these mutant clones."
Krusty Happy Icon "They combine the health benefits of vegetables with the delicious flavor of things that think."

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Angry Icon "Professor Frink, you have to do something. The Rad-ish Station is being used to trap sentient vegetables to feed smug health-conscious consumers."
Professor Frink Icon "Fear not. The Station is completely independent and self-powered."
Professor Frink Icon "By merely flipping this switch, we can make the Station activate its defensive measures, leaving the mutant vegetables sealed off forever from all danger."
Professor Frink Icon "However, the consequences for humanity may be extremely dire, and--"
Lisa Happy Icon "Flipping it!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I locked down the Rad-ish Station. Now what happens?"
Professor Frink Icon "Well, the mutant vegetables will continue to evolve, safe from interference by the outside world."
Professor Frink Icon "Eventually they will achieve a sentience greater than ours, and then they will emerge from the Station."
Professor Frink Icon "They probably won't be too pleased with humanity. But luckily you and I will be long dead by then."
Lisa Alarmed Icon "And if not?"
Professor Frink Icon "Then we'll be short dead right now."

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