The Real Investorettes
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Level Required


Release Date

March 4, 2015

Number of Quests


Main Quest

The Joy of Gossip

The Real Investorettes is a Level 50 quest that requires Helen Lovejoy to be unlocked through building the Municipal House of Pancakes and the premium character Luann Van Houten.

This quest also features the premium character Bumblebee Man, but his tasks are ignored if the Player doesn't have him.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Real Investorettes Pt. 1 Make Investorettes Seriously Gossip
Make Skinner Serve Refreshments
Make Bart and Milhouse go on a Wild Goose Chase
4h Cash100
Helen Lovejoy
The Real Investorettes Pt. 2 Make Investorettes Plan a Pro Wrestling Show
Make Investorette Boys Find a Spanish Translator
8h Cash100
Helen Lovejoy
The Real Investorettes Pt. 3 Make Investorettes Attend a Negotiation Meeting
Make Bumblebee Man Fake Translate
12h Cash100
Helen Lovejoy
The Real Investorettes Pt. 4 Make Investorettes Host a Pro Wrestling Show
Make Bumblebee Man Do ¡Lucha Libre!
24h Cash100
Helen Lovejoy

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, in Part 1, the Investorettes and Skinner had 12h job to do. It has since then been updated to 4h, likely to fit with Bart and Milhouse's task.

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