This page contains all users' Origin Usernames. This is for logged in editors on the wiki.Origin

Username on the Wiki Origin Username Wiki Role(s)
Palcto pedro_star722
Spell-Caster Jr Spell-Caster_Jr
Titan98 click here Bureaucrat, Admin
Tarantulakid96 Tarantulakid96 Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin
General Goose giannirobe581
Colonelhomer815 colonelhomer815 Chat Moderator, Rollback
Blue12porcupine Blue12porcupine Chat Moderator, Rollback
Mystery119 tjzman3708
JTegz JTegz
Gusisms Heidimjasper
TyTyger 626 TyTyger626
Crzypengu Crzypengu


Lucoskull Skullofthedead
Fewfre fewfre
Homer the Editor xg200

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