• Helen Lovejoy

    Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky

    Robert Terwilliger (Sideshow Bob)

    Judge Roy Snyder

    Judge Constance Harm

    Discotheque Stuart (Disco Stu)

    Eleanor Abernathy (Crazy Cat Lady)

    Jimbo Jones

    Dolph Starbeam

    Old Jewish Man

    Maggie Simpson


    Blue Haired Lawyer

    Jacqueline Bouvier

    Patty Bouvier

    Selma Bouvier

    Gerald Samson

    Gil Gunderson

    Bernice Hibbert

    Cookie Kwan

    Dewey Largo

    Lindsey Naegle

    Brandine Spuckler

    Kirk Van Houten

    Luann Van Houten

    Elizabeth Hoover

    Raphael (Wiseguy)

    Ruth Powers

    Janey Powers

    Wendell Borton

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    • DMV Spinster City Apartments Hal Roach Apartments Hailstone's Costington's Springfield Mall

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