• Court part 1

    Chief Wiggum: Alright Snake, I know you did something, go serve time

    Snake: What! Dude thats harsh

    Apu: He did not rob my store

    Krusty: He didn't steal money from my restraunt

    Chief Wiggum: To bad Snake, let's go

    1. Make Snake serve time (24 hours)

    Court part 2

    Marge: I think Apu and Krusty are telling the truth

    Chief Wiggum: A judge will be the judge of that

    1. Build the Springfield CourtHouse (1D12H)

    Court part 3

    Judge Snyder: What's a CourtHouse without a Lawyer? 

    1. Place the Blue Haired Lawyer (10000 dollars)

    Court part 4

    Herman: Uh-oh, Court

    Chief Wiggum: Herman, what do you mean uh-oh?

    Herman: Uhh

    1. Make Herman go to court (8 hours)

    Blue Haired Lawyer: So Herman, you just said that YOU robbed the Kwik-E-Mark

    Herman: Yes but

    Chief Wiggum: That's all i neeed to hear

    2. Make Herman server time (24 hours)

    Court part 5

    Mr. Burns: Hello Judge Snyder

    Judge Snyder: Mr. Burns.....

    Smithers: Someone stole about 500,000 dollars!

    Judge Snyder: Maybe it was Hank Scorpio

    1. Make Hank Scorpio be a great boss (24 hours)

    Court part 6

    Blue Haired Lawyer: Mr. Scorpio, Chief Wiggum checked your bank accout and you have 500,000 dollars, the amount of money Mr. Burns lost

    Hank Scorpio: But I swear it wasn't me!

    Chief Wiggum: To bad, throw him in jail!

    1. Make Hank Scorpio server time (24 hours)

    Court part 7

    Comic Book Guy: I've lost about 10 comics last night

    Judge Snyder: Maybe Bart Simpson did it

    1. Make Bart go to court (8 hours)

    Court part 8

    Marge: BART SIMPSON!!

    Marge: Judge Snyder, why is Bart in court?

    Judge Snyder: Because he stole about 10 comics over night

    Marge: Did you Bart?

    Bart: No I swear

    Eddie: Maybe you should spend at least 12 hours in jail

    1. Make Bart server time (12 hours)

    Court part 9

    Moe: Over 20 of my beers are gone

    Homer: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lou: Hey what about that Barfly, Barney?

    Moe: Yeah, he sure does love my beer

    1. Make Barney go to court (8 hours)

    Chief Wiggum: Alright Barney, jail time!

    2. Make Barney serve time (24 hours)

    Court part 10

    Marge: You are looking for random people

    Eddie: You have a better idea?

    Marge: Think of someone who loves all of these's things

    Marge: HOMER!!!!

    1. Make Homer go to Court (8 hours)

    Homer: I swear I didn't do it

    Lou: Give him the lie detector

    2. Make Homer do the lie detector (60 minutes)

    Court part 11

    Lou: Chief he's telling the truth

    Blue Haired Lawyer: This case is unsolvable!

    Miss Springfield: No it's not!

    Miss Springfield: I saw Mayor Quimby with all the things that you lost!

    1. Make Miss Sprngfield answer questions (12 hours)

    Court part 12

    Mayor Quimby: Okay, I did take the Comic Books and beer but not the 500,000 dollars

    Chief Wiggum: I know who did it!

    All: Who!?

    Chief Wiggum: Wolfcastle!!

    1. Make Chief Wiggum find people (8 hours)

    Court part 13

    Wolfcastle: AH!!!!!!!! You found me!

    Chief Wiggum: Wolfcastle, your under aresst for stealing 500,000 dollars

    Lou: Also, Mayor Quimby you gonna have to server about 12 hours

    1. Make Mayor Quimby server time (12 hours)

    2. Make Wolfcastle serve time (4 days)

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