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Tire Fire
Tire Fire

Level Required





None (before Event)
Participation Ribbon2, XP35 (during Event)
Cash300, XP30 (after Event)

Collection Time

None (before Event)
3 hours (during Event)
24 hours (after Event)



Premium Item?


Limited Time?



Enriching the Ozone Layer

Payout Increase


Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +800

The Tire Fire (Springfield Tire Yard) is a premium, one purchase, decorative item. It has a constantly burning animation when placed. The player can purchase it for 40 donuts, and it will provide a payout increase of 2%. The Tire Fire can also be attained through the purchase of a Revised Mystery Box; the chances of success are 14.2%. The Tire Fire makes numerous appearances in The Simpsons, including a Christmas themed episode involving the Funzos.

About Edit

The Springfield Tire Yard, colloquially known as the Springfield Tire Fire, is a lot where tires are disposed of and then caught fire. The fire that the yard holds has become more iconic than the yard itself, making it somewhat of a landmark in the town

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