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Town Hall
Town Hall Final



Level required


Characters unlocked



Look out for vandals!


10 x 8

Building time

24 hours


Re-Elect mayor Quimby Pt.2

The Town Hall is a non-premium level 20 building which unlocks Mayor Quimby upon completion. It was priced at $63,000 with the initial release of the game, but later received a price reduction, and dropped to $48,500. At the time of the game's launch, it was the last building to be unlocked as level 20 was the last level. The player must start the quest Re-Elect mayor Quimby Pt. 2 in order to build the Town Hall


See also: Town Square

Springfield Landing Town Hall is located adjacent to the Town Square, which holds the Jebediah Springfield Statue at the center. It is where town meetings are held to discuss various issues, including taxing and improving Springfield. It is a very large building with a domed roof and is thought to be at or near the center of Springfield, although it is not explicitly mentioned as being so.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Abraham Lincoln

  • Give a Public Address - 4h

Bumblebee Man

  • Commenco El Divorco - 12h

Fat Tony

  • Collect Construction Kickbacks - 8h


  • Fail to Renew his Fireworks License - 8h

Hank Scorpio

  • Deliver Ultimatum to G8 Nations - 60m

Hans Moleman

  • Rule Underground Land of the Mole People - 60m

Hugs Bunny

  • Battle Homer - 12h

Mayor Quimby

  • Give a Speech - 60m
  • Write Book on Ethics - 12h


  • Collect Food Stamps - 60m

Miss Springfield

  • Open an Event - 60m

Mr. Costington

  • Speak On Capitalism - 12h

Number 22

  • Sneak in a Bylaw - 4h


  • Stage a Coup - 24h

Homer Simpson

  • Lobby for Tobacco Legalization - 4h
  • Lobby for Tobacco Control - 24h


  • Take the Citizenship Exam - 24h

Krusty the Clown

  • Discriminate Against Blue-Haired People - 5h

Marge Simpson

  • Stage a Coup - 24h

Mayor Quimby

  • Re-Legalize Tobacco - 8h
  • Ban Tobacco - 12h

Superintendent Chalmers

  • Visit Town Hall - 8h

The Rich Texan

  • Lobby Agenda with Mayor Quimby - 48h

Women and Kids

  • Vote Against Stonecutter Law - 8h


With the Stonecutters 2014 Event came the ability to find anyone in your town using the Census in the Town Hall.

For Your SecurityEdit

Character Dialogue
Margeicon "The town has gotten so big it's hard to find people when I need to hit them up to buy church raffle tickets."
Nedicon "Well, Marge, you can always use the Town Census."
Margeicon "But a Census just tells you where people live, it doesn't know where people are at all times."
Quimbyicon "Er, uh, actually the new NSA-ified census knows where everyone is and what they are doing all er, uh, time."
Margeicon "Hmm, I'm sure that has sinister repercussions I should consider..."
"But I can't get past how much easier raffle sales are going to be! Yay!"
You can now use the Town Hall to spy... er... find anyone in your Springfield!
— In Game Message


  • The Town Hall was the last building which could be built with the game's initial release, and also the most expensive.


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