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Town Hall quests

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Retirement Castle Quests

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Muntz Quests

The Town Hall quests is a 3-part questline involving Quimby and Town Hall.


Quest Task Reward
Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1 Make Wiggum Collect Bribes 3 Times Cash100 XP10
Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 2 Build the Town Hall Cash100 XP10
Unlock: Quimby
The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also Make Mayor Quimby Write Book on Ethics Cash100 XP10


Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This town has really started to fill up, with all the buildings and everyone doing different jobs..."
Homer Icon "I know --- it's a lot of tapping."
Lisa Icon "I'm just saying, we need someone to be in charge."
Wiggum Icon "Fear not!"
"Your authority figure is already here."

Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This town is out of control, and Chief Wiggum isn't helping.‎"
"We need someone to bring order!‎"
Marge Icon "How about Mayor Quimby?‎"
Lisa Icon "No! He's more corrupt than Wiggum!‎"
Homer Icon "Too late --- Town Hall already showed up on the build menu.‎"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Thank God you're here, Mayor Quimby!‎"
"You can lead this town in its rebuilding effort.‎"
Quimby Icon "Er uh, okay.‎"
"How about we start by building a brothel?‎"
Marge Icon "That's a terrible idea!‎"
Quimby Icon "A sleazy motel?‎"
Homer Icon "Don't worry, there's plenty more of Springfield to create...‎"
"including brothels and sleazy motels.‎"
Marge Icon "No, NOT including those.‎"
Homer Icon "Okay, not those.‎‎"
"But there's a lot more to build and do...‎"
"as long as those lazy game designers are still on the ball.‎‎"
"I give it 50-50.‎"

The Buck Stops Here, The Work AlsoEdit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "Now that I'm back, I have a lot of, ah, work to do."
"Hold all my calls and, er-ah, do not interrupt me for any, ah, reason."

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