Twist of Fate
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Superheroes 2016 Event

Level Required


Release Date

June 28, 2016

Number of Quests


Twist of Fate is a side questline that was released on June 28, 2016 for the Superheroes 2016 Event. It requires Stretch Dude, a costume for Bart.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Twist of Fate Pt. 1 Make Stretch Dude Bart Prank Skinner 4h Cash100
Twist of Fate Pt. 2 Make Stretch Dude Bart Create a Superpower Business 8h Cash100
Twist of Fate Pt. 3 Make Stretch Dude Bart Install a Curtain Rod 12h Cash100
Twist of Fate Pt. 4 Make Stretch Dude Bart Provide Stretchy Services (x3) 12h Cash100
Twist of Fate Pt. 5 Make Apu Confront Stretch Dude Inc. 24h Cash100

Dialogue Edit

Twist of Fate Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Happy Icon Hey Milhouse, with my stretch powers back, it's time to PULL some pranks!
Milhouse Excited Icon Oooh, you could slap Nelson from across the room!
Bart Sneaky Icon Nelson is small potatoes, especially when I've got a big dumb russet in Skinner.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Puzzled Icon Who wrote “Skinner smells like re-refried beans coming out of a donkey's butt?”
Skinner Annoyed Icon Bart, I know you got your stretch powers back. Do you really want to use them on such a weak target?
Skinner Sad Icon And yes, by “weak” I realize I'm talking about myself.

Twist of Fate Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon You know what Milhouse, Skinner has inspired me to do more with my powers.
Bart Icon Stretching to snag drumsticks from Homer and fooling friends with shoulder taps is beneath me.
Milhouse Excited Icon Hold that thought. Someone's tapping my shoulder… maybe a new friend!
Bart Happy Icon Sorry, old habit… but starting now, I promise to use my powers to make money!

Twist of Fate Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Tocamera Icon Are you lacking a ladder? Do you need a human bridge, umbrella, or parachute? Hire Stretch Dude now!
Ned Icon Oh Stretch diddly-Dude, I could make use of your powers!
Ned Worried Icon I can't reach Rod and Todd's new curtain rod. Think you could hold it high for this neighbourly guy?
Bart Happy Icon That'll be fifty bucks!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Ned Icon What a wonderful job! The curtain rod's on the level and so are you, Stretch Dude!
Ned Icon I'm gonna spread the good word about your good work!
Bart Sneaky Icon Glad I could unburden some of your wallet weight, sir!

Twist of Fate Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Rev. Lovejoy Icon Stretch Dude! I need you to help us install more ornate stained glass into the church ceiling!
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon I think your stretchy powers could make for a great radiation catcher at the reactor.
Marge Annoyed Icon Bart! You have non-superhero chores to do at home!
Bart Exhausted Icon Arrgh! Enough! I can only stretch in 5, maybe 6 directions!
Bart Sneaky Icon That's it. My prices have doubled. Mom, I'll give you the family discount.

Twist of Fate Pt. 5 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Apu Sad Icon Since Stretch Dude Inc. went into business I haven't sold a single ladder. Yes, Kwik-E-Mart sells ladders!
Apu Angry Icon Stretch Dude Inc. must be stopped, for the sake of me and my eight children!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Apu Angry Icon Stretch Dude, you are stretching my patience. Please stop your fantastic elastic business.
Bart Icon Nothing a little money can't fix.
Bart Sneaky Icon You can pay me to stop stretching… for a hefty sum of course.
Apu Happy Icon My business will surely rebound! Thanks to the corporate bribery that I have grown accustomed to.

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