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Up In Smoke

Level Required


Release Date

September 12, 2013

Number of Quests


Preceded By

Career Aspirations

Succeeded By

Running with the Bullies

Up In Smoke is a quest chain in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is the final part of the Level 35 questline. It has 11 parts, the longest of any quest line in level 35.


This questline is very tobacco/drug based, so if any children are playing the questline, it is advised that parents play it with them.


Quest Requirements Reward
Up In Smoke Pt. 1 Make Homer Lobby for Tobacco Control Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 2 Make Quimby Ban Tobacco Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 3 Make Patty Point Out Homer's Flaws
Make Selma Buy "Lady Laramie 100s"
Up In Smoke Pt. 4 Make Herman Import Contraband Tobacco Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 5 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 6 Make Selma Buy Contraband Tobacco Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 7 Make Wiggum Go On A Stake Out Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 8 Make Quimby Buy Contraband Tobacco Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 9 Make Homer Lobby for Tobacco Legalization Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 10 Make Quimby Re-legalize Tobacco Money100
Up In Smoke Pt. 11 Make Patty Visit the Simpson House
Make Selma Visit the Simpson House
Make Homer Be Sick


Up In Smoke Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Gross and Grosserer won’t get away with treating me like that."
"I’ll take away something that brings joy to their lives… which is hard to think of, because their lives seem pretty joyless."
"…except for one thing."

Up In Smoke Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Miss Springfield Icon "Hey Joe, there’s papers and petitions all over your desk and that’s where we usually “do it”.
Quimby Icon "Er, uh, Miss Springfield, might I remind you that I am in the middle of a press conference!"
Miss Springfield Icon "Oopsie!"
Quimby Icon "What the young lady meant by “do it” is, er uh, respond to constituent concerns."
Miss Springfield Icon "Oh Joe, you’re so sexy when you’re mayoring!"

Up In Smoke Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Pattyicon "I can’t believe it. That giant, talking skin-tag actually got a law passed to ban tobacco."
Selmaicon "This can’t be happening. I’ll run to the store and buy every pack I can get my hands on."
Pattyicon "And I will, once again, explain to Marge why she should slowly poison Homer to death."

Up In Smoke Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Hermanicon "Times of prohibition can often prove to be quite profitable…"
"Especially to those with flexible moral standards and access to firearms."

Up In Smoke Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Wiggumicon "No tobacco? Every teacher, beatnik and ballerina is gonna be going through withdrawal."
"With everyone feeling so bitchy, I’m gonna have to work twice as hard to keep the peace."
"I swear the public treats me like I’m some kind of servant."

Up In Smoke Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Pattyicon "It’s been three hours since we ran out of cigarettes. I’ve never gone this long… even while sleeping!"
Selmaicon "Here, I rolled some tea in a piece of toilet paper. See how it smokes."
Pattyicon "Ugh, it’s awful! Even kids at home wouldn’t want to try it."
Selmaicon "Someone in this town has got to be holding."

Up In Smoke Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Wiggumicon "A lot of ex-smokers seem to be taking an interest in military antiques these days. Eh, it’s probably nothing."
"Although if I go home, I’ll have to help Ralphie with his homework. And then it’s dinner and bathtime and–"
"If only there was something that could occupy my time for the next twenty-four hours."

Up In Smoke Pt. 8Edit


Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "Oh Miss Springfield! Cabinet meeting, hot tub, now! Swimsuit optional."
"Aaaah! What happened to you?!"
Miss Springfield Icon "Without cigarettes, I had to turn to a substance I don’t normally partake in — food!"
"But what’s an extra 30 to 40 pounds when you got a love like ours, huh, Pookie-Bear?"
Quimby Icon "Er, uh, I want to get my Pookie-Bear some cigarettes. Let’s jog over there now!"


Character Dialogue
Wiggumicon "Hey, Herman can I use your bathroo– OH MY GOD! Crime! Put your hands ub!"
Hermanicon "Don’t you mean, “Put your hands up?”
Wiggumicon "Is that what it is? That makes soooo much more sense. Oh, hey, Mayor Quimby!"
"I mean, Mayor Quimby! Uh, none of this happened and isn’t happening now, right?"
Quimby Icon "Er, uh, basically."

Up In Smoke Pt. 9Edit


Character Dialogue
Margeicon "Homie, this tobacco ban has been really hard on my sisters."
Homer Icon "I know. I’m pretty stoked about it too."
Margeicon "It was the one thing in their lives that made them happy."
Homer Icon "Woo hoo! It’s official then — I win!!"
Margeicon "It’s just… I can’t be happy, if my sisters are so unhappy."
Homer Icon *sigh* "Okay, I’ll try to get the law changed. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that they’ll be getting closer to death."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Remember how I said I wanted you to ban tobacco? I changed my mind."
Quimby Icon "Whatever. I already decided to lift the ban. It made my girlfriend, er uh, blimp out."
Homer Icon "Great! But could you say it was kinda my idea?"
"It would score me some “hubby-points”. That’s like the premium currency of our marriage."
Quimby Icon "What?! And have you be fully responsible for any repercussions that may arise from this rash about-face in policy?"
"Oh, all right."

Up In Smoke Pt. 10Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "Good people of Springfield, acting on the advice of my newly appointed cigarette czar, Homer Simpson, I am hereby lifting the ban on tobacco."
"So remember, I only did it because Homer told me to do it, unless it turns out great, in which case, it was my idea first."
"Thank you. And smoke ‘em if you got ‘em."

Up In Smoke Pt. 11Edit

Character Dialogue
Pattyicon "Homer, as much as it pains us, Selma and I have come to thank you."
Selmaicon "We appreciate your getting our cigarettes back. Patty and I have vowed to stop calling you things like: Chubba Gump…"
Pattyicon "George Plumpton…"
Selmaicon "Fat Stevens…"
Pattyicon "Whale Rogers…"
Homer Icon "Okay, I get it. If it means that you two will finally stop abusing me, I guess it’s all been worth it. See ya."
Pattyicon "What are you talking about? We’re staying for dinner."
Homer Icon "You are?"
Margeicon "I’m so glad you guys have made peace. It means that Patty and Selma can spend a lot more time with us."
Homer Icon "Oh. Goodie."

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