Marge Icon Homer, breakfast is ready
Homer Icon Going to eat breakfast with Ned
Marge Icon Whats wrong with my breakfasts?
Homer Icon Ummm, *runs out of the door*
  • Make Homer eat breakfast at Neds house
  • Make Marge eat breakfast
Ned Icon Hey-Diddly-Ho neighborino, can I do anything for you
Homer Icon Can I borrow a Dvd?
Ned Icon Well me and the boys were going to have movie night...
Homer Icon La la so many to choose from, i'll take the Spider pig one
Ned Icon That isn't a spider pig film, its Rod school play
  • Make Homer steal all Neds movies
  • Make Ned try to keep calm
Lisa Icon Dad, where did you get all these DvDs from?
Homer Icon Stupid Ned Flanders
Lisa Icon Oh, has this one has some notes written on the back
Ned Icon Hey, was just going to get my Dvds back, whoah whats that on the back
Lisa Icon Umm not sure, you can have a look
Ned Icon Oh my lord, its Maude handwriting, this was her plan for a fairground she was going to make
Lisa Icon Maybe you could build it for her, its in the build tab already?
  • Build Praiseland

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