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The Whale is a decoration in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and the most expensive item costing donuts ever to be released into the game. It was released with the Valentine's Day 2014 Event. When placed, it will increase all job and building payouts by 7%, double that of the Springfield Sign, and considerably more than any other premium decorations. Although the Whale has a very steep price for simply a payout increase, it is placed on the ocean which therefore saves land space, and it also has an animation when tapped.

During the Black Friday 2015 Promotion the player got a refund (rebate) of 90 donuts when purchased.

Trivia Edit

  • The expensive whale decoration is an in-joke for the developers. They estimate that 1% of Tapped Out players purchase every or most premium items, and that those players are the ones who keep the game going. Those players are (affectionately) nicknamed whales.
  • When tapped, it dives into the water and swims back up.

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