You Better Not Cry
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Winter 2015 Event

Release Date

December 23, 2015

Level Required


Number of Quests


Preceded By

Oh Come, All Ye Vengeful

Succeeded By

Play-Annoyed Grunt

You Better Not Cry was a limited time questline released on December 23, 2015, along with the Winter 2015 Event's Act 2. Upon starting it the player unlocks Maggie as a playable character as well as a new cutscene.

In order to start the questline, one had to build (not fully upgrade, though) all four upgradable buildings of the event's Act 2 (Exotic Petting Zoo, Reindeer Burger Truck, Fortress of Lonelitude and Moonshine Shack) and complete the Oh Come, All Ye Vengeful questline.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
You Better Not Cry Pt. 1 Make Marge Take Maggie to the Zoo 30m Mistletoe Currency Icon100
Unlock: Maggie
You Better Not Cry Pt. 2 Make Moe Repair The Fortress of Lonelitude 4h Mistletoe Currency Icon100
You Better Not Cry Pt. 3 Make Comic Book Guy Repair The Moonshine Shack 4h Mistletoe Currency Icon100
Comic Book Guy
You Better Not Cry Pt. 4 Make Cletus Repair The Reindeer Burger Truck 4h Mistletoe Currency Icon100
You Better Not Cry Pt. 5 Make the Simpsons* Celebrate the Holiday (x5) 4h Mistletoe Currency Icon100

* Does not include Grampa

Dialogue Edit

You Better Not Cry Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Maggie00:10

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Maggie

Character Dialogue
Marge Happy Icon "Look, everyone! Maggie's here! I have my little baby back for the holidays!"
Marge Icon "Let's take our little darling to all the festive attractions around town."
Homer Confused Icon "Wait… whoa… wait… hold on… stop the train… was she gone?"
Marge Scared Icon "Yes. I realized much too late that I was carrying around a sack of flour in a blue onesie this whole time."
Marge Confused Icon "Homer?"
Homer Glassedeye Icon "..."
Homer Thoughtful Icon "Sorry, Marge. I was just thinking that was something I normally would have done."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Sad Icon "The whole place has been vandalized!"
Marge Surprised Icon "There are monkeys in the wolf habitat and wolves in the monkey habitat!"
Marge Confused Icon "What kind of animal would do such a thing? Surely not the monkeys!"
Maggie Sad Icon "*sniffs*"
Maggie Crying Icon "Whaaa!!"

You Better Not Cry Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Moe Angry Icon "Every time I think of what they did to my petting zoo, I just wanna run someone through a wood chipper and let the rats have a picnic on their guts."
Moe Shocked Icon "Huh-WHAAAA! It's all fixed!"
Moe Worried Icon "Makes me suddenly feel bad for what I did to the comic guy's fortress..."
Moe Icon "I had to dump the petting zoo waste somewhere. On the bright side, it was exotic waste."

You Better Not Cry Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Surprised Icon "Someone repaired all the damage to my fortress."
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "I suppose whomever the evil villain, they're now trying to guilt me into making amends to Cletus and his moonshine shack."
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "Not going to happen."
Comic Book Guy Pain Icon "Oh, no… empathy rising… must fight this feeling… can't recognize Cletus as… fellow human… being…"
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "Uggfff! You win this time, Holiday Spirit, but we will meet again!"

You Better Not Cry Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Cletus Icon "Now that my moonshine shack's been gussied up, I finds myself at a moral crossroads."
Cletus Icon "When I got vandaralized, I did unto Krusty's truck what was done unto my shack."
Cletus Smiling Icon "Now I'ze got a chance to fix the wreckage that was wrought. Cletus is gonna pay it frontways."

You Better Not Cry Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Happy Icon "Everyone's projects have been made good as new! It's a holiday miracle!"
Moe Sad Icon "I'll admit, after my zoo got fixed, I felt lousy for what I did to the comic guy."
Comic Book Guy Sad Icon "And your act of valour inspired me to spawn an inner hero and do good by Cletus."
Cletus Sad Icon "-which is why I fixed Krusty's truck-"
Cletus Icon "-but who done started this whole shebang?"
Krusty Embarrassed Icon "Jeez, well, I saw that little baby crying over what I did to the petting zoo. I'd never seen a kid cry outside of watching my show."
Marge Happy Icon "It really is a holiday miracle, thanks to my little darling Maggie!"

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