Yule Love It! (Main)
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Winter 2016 Event

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December 6, 2016

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Yule Love It! (Act 1) OR Yule Love It! (Act 2)

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Gnome Alone

Yule Love It! (Main) was the first main questline of the Winter 2016 Event.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Yule Love It! Pt. 1 Make Lisa Explain the Origins of Christmas
Make Springfielders Learn About Christmas (x5)
Yule Love It! Pt. 2 Place the Pagan Winter Carnival Sign
Make Homer Get Ready for Bacon

Dialogue Edit

Yule Love It! Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon Bad news, Lis. I just checked the Bible, and apparently Buddhists like you don't get Christmas presents.
Bart Sneaky Icon Technically, I'm supposed to stone you to death. But since you're my sister, I'm gonna let that slide.
Lisa Curious Icon It doesn't say that in the Bible!
Lisa Annoyed Icon Well, I'm PRETTY sure it doesn't say that. Only nutjobs actually read the thing.
Lisa Icon But regardless, most Christmas traditions have Pagan origins.
Ned Shocked Icon Did you say P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p...
Lisa Eyeroll Icon Why is it so easy to make Mr. Flanders hyperventilate?

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon We actually have no idea what day Jesus was born on. Early Christians just co-opted traditional celebrations of the Winter Solstice.
Lisa Icon But every kid, Jesus included, deserves a birthday party, so what's the harm?
Ned Shocked Icon But Pagans worship goats and demons and horrible monsters like Mother Earth!
Lisa Icon “Pagan” just means you don't follow one of the world's main religions. They're not scary!
Lisa Icon In fact, maybe we should hold a traditional Pagan Winter Carnival right here in Springfield. It'll be fun!
Will the Pagan Winter Carnival spell trouble for Ned and Lovejoy? Find out this Sunday at 8/7C on FOX!
— System Message.

Yule Love It! Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Surprised Icon Is it true, sweetie? Are we having a Bacon Winter Carnival?
Lisa Deadpan Icon “Pagan.” Why would anyone have a Bacon Festival? Stupid.
Homer Annoyed Icon Don't mock my religious beliefs!
Homer Annoyed Icon You don't see me forcing my Baconist teachings on Pagans, do you?
Lisa Deadpan Icon No. You've been very open-minded about that. Great job.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon Nice sign, sweetie!
Lisa Icon Thanks. You going to put one up for your Bacon Festival?
Homer Sarcastic Icon You don't advertise a Bacon Party. Then you'd have to share your bacon, silly!
Homer Icon Which goes against EVERYTHING I believe in.